Why soaking in Magnesium is good for you.

Why soaking in Magnesium is good for you.


Soaking in Magnesium Chloride has a long list of therapeutic benefits including helping to manage cramps, migraines, lower stress, help with sleep, balance hormones naturally, lower blood pressure, and the list goes on. 

There are many types of Magnesium out there, but not all are created equal.

We love Magnesium Chloride (magnesium flakes) as they are highly soluble in water making them easily absorbed and utilized by the body. Magnesium Chloride has the ability to increase magnesium levels in the body when absorbed through the skin. 

Our High-Purity Magnesium Chloride Flakes are harvested using solar energy from a pristine lake high up in the Tibetan Plateau. It is naturally chemical free, contains no contaminants and is high in minerals. Being food grade and an approved ingredient by Australian Certified Organic, you know you are getting the best quality Magnesium Flakes out there! 

Pure + Natural, full of amazing health benefits for your next Hide + Soak.



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