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Let's be honest, life is busy.

Sometimes even our busy, is busy!

No matter what stage of life you are at, whether you are building a career, running a business, raising a family, or hitting some big life goals in your retirement, our bath soaks are here to support you to slow down, recharge and find balance.

Balance is understanding that when we are busy and on the go, we need to also make the time to unwind and go slow. Slowing down is a conscious choice, it's not always easy in our fast paced world, but it is so important for our body and our mind. Slowing down helps us to be more present, intentional, it improves our overall well-being and helps us to avoid burnout.

Our Botanically Infused Magnesium Bath Soaks are lovingly designed to help you to slow down, relax and recharge. We have blends to help your sore muscles to recover, to support your immune system, to calm an active mind and help you to sleep, to promote happy hormones and to take to your next date night with your partner.

There is one just for you!


My partner and I have always been active and on the go. Running businesses and keeping up with our kids meant that we had to consciously make the time to slow down. This saw us develop a love for a weekly magnesium bath soak. We always joke we are 'hiding from life and the kids' hence the name 'Hide + Soak'!

When we started making our soaks for our family and friends, who like us, live active lifestyles in our beautiful part of the world, and hearing how recharged they felt, how much better they slept and how calm their body and minds were after a soak, we decided to make our blends for you to enjoy too.

Thank you for choosing to Hide + Soak with us, we can't wait to hear your experience with our luxurious bath soaks too.

Amee x

Owner + Founder @ Hide+Soak


Family photo Hide + Soak owners

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